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Once upon a time, in the End's Kingdom,

the Dying Rain suddenly started to fall, transforming all living things it touched into bloodthirsty corpses.
Following this tragedy,

the kingdom quickly fell into chaos

and soon, no one remained.
The rain, as if cursed,

would never stop falling on the land.

In the depths of a forsaken church,

Lily opens her eyes...

In a decayed world,
they fight against a cursed destiny



ENDER LILIES is a challenging 2D dark fantasy action game with RPG elements. Uncover the mystery of the Dying Rain with the help of the remaining Knights.

The fallen End's Kingdom is a dangerous, tragic and beautiful land with its majestic royal castle, submerged deep forest and forbidden underground areas.


Face terrifying enemies along the way, and release them from their curse to gain powerful allies.
Free the knights from their suffering and aim for the truth together.


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